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Private Photography Workshop

Private Photography Workshop

Let us help you on your photography journey in our own backyard.

If you like to have more of a bespoke experience a private workshop is a great way to do a photography workshop. It allows us to tailor the entire trip to your specifications, from your skill and what you want to learn to your interest and what you’d like to see.

Private Photography Workshop

What you'll learn

Multi day workshops can be organised. These include travel and can include pickup and drop-off for those that are travelling internationally, location dependant. We can help organise accomodation as well, there are great airbnbs across the state which gives us a great base to be able to get in some editing workshops during the trip as well, as well as being flexible with the itinerary to be able to follow the weather.

If you are interested in mountains, oceans, waterfalls or astro, we are lucky to have options for all of these and more close to us here in Western Victoria. There are very few types of landscape photography that are not achieveable here  in our Southern State.

No matter what your current skill level is there will always be something to learn. Whether you have just started out and are picking up a camera for the first time to being a seasoned photographer and looking for new techniques a workshop can be tailored to you. If you have a passion for landscape photography then you’ll have an experience to remember.

We will help you to understand the controls of your camera so that you can have the confidence to use it well.

The locations we will visit are picked specifically to suit a sunset and get the best photography possible.

You’ll be able to walk away from the workshop with your own sunset photography.

Your Instructor

After picking up a camera in 2014 when moving to Australia it soon became apparent that it was more than just a hobby.

Self taught through the years I realised that landscape photography was what drove me to take photos. The thrill of being in nature, discovering sometime unknown locations and capturing it in a way that can last forever.

This grew into a passion to teach via photography workshops so that others can experience the same landscapes that are all around us whilst learning to use a camera.

Private Photography Workshop

Here's what others are saying
Lake Gunn Astro
Thank you for a great course Andy! The workshops are suitable for experienced photographers as well as novist or hobby snappers such as me. I really enjoyed it & got so much out of it, including handy tips and a great cheat sheet to refer back to.
Astro Photography Workshop
Andy’s Astro workshop was an immersive experience, sharing his thorough knowledge while educating in an approachable and friendly way. Highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to give Astrophotography a go.
Mountain sunset
I took Andy’s sunset photography workshop and it was honestly such good value for money. The face to face, on-site workshop went for 2 hours where I learnt so many tips and tricks. Andy teaches in depth but is approachable and passionate. Thanks ASP!

Private Photography Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. The workshops will go through everything you need to know to use your camera to take photos.

For those of you that do have experience and want to further your skills we can delve into more advanced shooting techniques.

Bring your camera, lenses and tripod. Ideally you will have a wide angle lens (16-35) and a telephoto (70-200). 

I do not use filters and like to travel light so my gear is kept to a minimum. I can show you how to get the most out of your camera without the need for expensive accessories.

Prepare for the weather as it can often change quickly in Ballarat. Waterproof jackets, hats and gloves are advisable. Sun protection is also worthwhile bringing. 

When the sun does go down the temperature drops pretty quickly so have something warm.

Even if the weather is not perfect the workshop will still go ahead. A clear sky is not always the best possibility for a photo. If there is some cloud, mist or a bit of rain, some added atmosphere can almost be a bonus to the photography and we will learn how to use that to your advantage.

If you’d like to learn more about processing and developing the photos you’ve taken we also run workshops to do just that. 

Join us on a processing workshop to learn how to finalise your photos and get them ready for print and digital use.