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Astro Photography Workshop

Astro Photography Workshop

Experience the night sky with us.

Join us on an immersive night time experience to view the night sky near Ballarat. We are extremely lucky to have dark skies on our doorstep that allow us to photograph the stars that surround us. Come with us and learn about what you can see in a dark sky area and we will teach you how to use your camera and capture the moment. Not many people have the opportunity to see such a diverse night sky and we love to make the most of it with our cameras at hand.

Join us in exploring one of Victoria’s most immersive photography locations today! Book below or contact our team to learn more.

Astro Photography Workshop

What you'll learn

You’ll learn the best settings for your camera in dark conditions, in an easy to understand and engaging way. 

The locations you’ll explore are picked to show off the night sky and get the best photos possible all while learning on the go.

Walk away from our workshop with your own photos, practical experience and new sense of appreciation for the Victorian outdoors. 

What you'll get

You’ll receive a 2 hours practical on location experience from an experienced and highly regarded landscape photographer. You will learn how to use your camera, about exposure and composition and how to get the perfect photo. 

Workshops will include transport include pickup and drop-off within Ballarat at discretion, and full transport throughout the duration of the workshop, returning to original pick up point.

The very best part of partaking in a photography workshop is the amazing photos you’ll be able to take home with you from a day exploring our beautiful coastlines and forests. Andy Smith Photographic also offer Photo editing workshops. Be sure to enquire as spots fill quickly. 

Bookings can be made in groups or private 1 on 1 workshops. The only other expenses would be food/drink and accommodation which we are more than happy to help organise (and advise to!) throughout the trip. As we like to run our workshops as close to how we would work to produce landscape photography ourselves we try to be as flexible as we can with our itinerary in relation to weather. We often don’t have anything set in stone until close to the day so we can arrange the workshop to have the best conditions as possible. If weather conditions can’t be worked around the workshop will be rebooked at the next available date. Don’t let a little rain or wind deter you though, this can still produce some incredible moody photography along harsh coastlines. 

Your Instructor

After moving to Australia from England in 2014 Andy’s eyes were opened to a world of photographic possibilities. 

Self taught over years of trial and error, an ever evolving passion for landscape and astrophotography became apparent.

The thrill of being in nature, while discovering unknown locations and capturing it in a way that can last forever is what inspired Andy to begin teaching others.  

Now with a long list of clients who have started their own photography journeys, Andy is keen and eager to continue to share his knowledge and experience with others via his workshops on location. 


Astro Photography Workshop

Here's what others are saying
Lake Gunn Astro
Thank you for a great course Andy! The workshops are suitable for experienced photographers as well as novist or hobby snappers such as me. I really enjoyed it & got so much out of it, including handy tips and a great cheat sheet to refer back to.
Astro Photography Workshop
Andy’s Astro workshop was an immersive experience, sharing his thorough knowledge while educating in an approachable and friendly way. Highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to give Astrophotography a go.
Mountain sunset
I took Andy’s sunset photography workshop and it was honestly such good value for money. The face to face, on-site workshop went for 2 hours where I learnt so many tips and tricks. Andy teaches in depth but is approachable and passionate. Thanks ASP!

Astro Photography Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. The workshops will go through everything you need to know to use your camera to take photos at night. 

For those of you that do have experience and want to further your skills we can delve into more advanced shooting techniques.

To shoot astro the most important thing with your camera is to have a wide angle lens. This can be anything from 12mm to 24mm. Other than this a sturdy tripod is essential, without this shooting night skies is all but impossible. If you have a remote shutter they can be handy but it is not required. Bringing a torch is worthwhile for any walking we might need to do. 

A warm coat, hat and gloves is recommended. We will be in areas that are exposed at night and it is likely to be cold and potentially windy. Unfortunately there is not much protection from the elements when shooting astro so there’s no overdoing it with layers.

Hand warmers can be a life saver!

Travel to and from Ballarat is included in the workshop. The itinerary is flexible to react to the weather and conditions and as such it’s easier to travel together.

That being said, if you’d like to take your own car and meet at location that is absolutely fine. We will reach out after booking to discuss locations and pickup details.

Unfortunately astro workshops are heavily dependant on the weather. Each month there are about 2.5-3 weeks suitable to shoot astro before there is a full moon and too much natural light. However cloud can be problematic.

Workshop bookings are only taken close to the event so that weather can be assessed and judged to be suitable for the workshop. However, in cases where it is not possible to run a workshop bookings are transferrable to another date.

If you’d like to learn more about processing and developing the photos you’ve taken we also run workshops to do just that. 

Join us on a processing workshop to learn how to finalise your photos and get them ready for print and digital use.


Astro Photography Workshop

Join us to explore, learn and photograph the night sky around Ballarat. Workshops are run in small groups to ensure you get the best experience possible and maximise your time behind the camera.