Have you ever wanted to improve your photography skills? Now you can right at home!

Teaching photography is a passion that helps keep me wanting to discover, improve and explore photography more myself. As a landscape photographer myself I began my own journey learning through workshops and tutorials from other well known and established photographers. It is a great way to learn tried and tested techniques that can be seen to result in great photography.

My tutorials are a mix of what you would learn if you were to join me on a workshop, with the added bonus of being able to watch at your own pace in your own environment. Covering everything from the gear that I use, theory and how to use it and through to being out in the field and back processing.

Videos are broken down into small portions to make it easy to digest the information and get you on your way to getting out into the field for your own landscape photography.


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What's included?

The tutorials are made to cover every aspect of landscape photography that I use in my own work, including:

– Photography gear
– Composition
– Waterfalls
– Mountains
– Sunsets and sunrises
– Astrophotography
– Editing
– Printing

Ready to take it to the next level?​

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