Sunset Workshop

Sunset Workshop

Learn to shoot manually and experience a sunset with us.

Join us on a sunset photography workshop in Ballarat to learn the fundamentals of landscape photography. The workshop lasts 2 hours and is suited for beginners through to advanced photographers. Group sizes are capped at 4 people to ensure that you get enough of our time and attention.

Workshops will begin on location with theory and we will spend the first hour going over the fundamentals of photography and how to use your camera, tailored to your skill level. Together we will learn methods of exposure including shutter speed, aperture and ISO. For those that are more advanced we will investigate exposure and compositional techniques to improve your photography.

Once you have learned this theory we will put it to practice and spend the rest of the workshop in the field. You will get the opportunity to practice these newly learned skills and capture the sunset with your own camera.

Even if the weather is not perfect the workshop will still go ahead. A clear sky is not always the best possibility for a photo. If there is some cloud, mist or a bit of rain, some added atmosphere can almost be a bonus to the photography and we will learn how to use that to your advantage.

We will be there with you along the way to assist, guide and support you with your photography.

Sunset workshop

$120 per person

Workshop length: 2 hours
Max participants: 4

What you’ll need

At the very least all you’ll need is your camera, and if possible a wide angle lens. Most likely, knowing Ballarat warm clothes helps as well.
If you have accessories for your cameras such as other lenses and filters bring them along and we will be able to use them. A. tripod can be handy for when the sun starts to dip and the light fades.

What you’ll learn

After the workshop you’ll be able to use your camera in manual mode, understand some rules and ideas around composition. It will allow you to continue your photography journey yourself. The next step could be to join us on an Astrophotography workshop or learn how to edit your photographs in post production in an editing workshop.

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Improve your photography skills and head into the field.