Light and Dark Workshop

Light and Dark Workshop

Learn to shoot manually from sunset to dark.

Join us for afternoon and evening to shoot both a sunset and astro, a combination of our other workshops. This workshop lasts for 3.5 hours. You will learn all of the techniques and knowledge required to use your camera in manual mode, and have the opportunity to do so both in light and dark.

The workshop will be on location, starting at a spot suitable for the sunset. From here we will begin with the theory to understand exposure and the manual modes of your camera. This incorporates the shutter speed, aperture and ISO and we will understand how to use this. For those that already understand this we will go into compositional techniques and ideas to enhance your photos. Once we’ve gone through this we will move into the practical part and have the opportunity to shoot the sunset. 

Once the sun has gone down we will head to our astro location and begin the theory on shooting the stars. This builds on what we’ve already learned and how this can now used when there is no light. Again we will move on to putting this into practice and shooting the stars.

This workshop will give you everything you need to be able to use your camera in manual mode and give you the knowledge to continue your photography journey.

Light and dark workshop

$200 per person

Workshop length: 3.5 hours
Max participants: 4

What you’ll need

Along with your camera bring a wide angle lens. This will be required for the night time shooting and will also be suitable for the sunset. If you have a zoom lens as well bring it along for the sunset. A tripod will be required for the astro segment. Make sure that you plenty of warm clothes, as soon as the sun goes down it will get cold, and most likely before the sun goes down too!

What you’ll learn

This workshop will give you all of the tools to understand how to shoot with a camera in manual mode. You will learn to shoot both with light and in darkness. From here you’ll have the skills to continue your photography journey on your own and not rely on the camera to do the work for you.

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