Editing Workshop

Editing Workshop

Learn to process and do your photos justice.

There is a stigma around using Photoshop to edit your photos that makes the photo a ‘fake’. In reality that is simply not the case. It is all but required to process your files before they can be used. When you take a photo on a digital camera it records all of the information from the dark shadows to the light highlights, with all the colours and details. These can’t be displayed immediately in a file and need to be brought back out in the photo in processing. When you take a photo on a phone as a jpeg for instance the device automatically applies processing to do this for you. Shooting in Raw gives you the ability to control this yourself.

We will teach you workflows to manage your photos in post and begin the editing the process. Working with Adobe products to analyse your catalog and process your photos. It can be daunting to jump into programs such as Photoshop without prior experience but we will show you simple ways to work through the software, understand it and use it to your creative advantage.

For those that are already adept in using these programs we will teach you advanced workflows, editing techniques and creative ways to manipulate and enhance your photography.
At the end of this workshop you will have the skills to finalise your photography, export your photos for use and have your photos ready to print. 
Editing workshop

$120 per person

Workshop length: 2 hours
Max participants: 4

What you’ll need

The tools needed to edit your photos require an Adobe Create Cloud subscription. There are multiple available with cheapest being a photographers subscription which includes Photoshop and Lightroom. You can bring your laptop with you or provide some of your files to be processed on our computers.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn to use Photoshop to process your files and how to finalise them for use in digital and print worlds. We will go through tools and techniques that you can use to bring out the best in your photos.

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