Astro Workshop

Astro Workshop

Learn to shoot manually and experience the night sky with us.

Join us on an astro photography workshop to learn how to shoot in low light conditions and be able to photograph the night sky. Workshops last 2 hours with maximum group sizes of 4 people so that all participants can get required attention. They are suitable for all skill levels for those who have never been out at night with a camera to those who know what they are doing behind a lens.

Workshops start off learning the theory with exposure and how to shoot manually. We will go over using shutter speed, aperture and ISO specifically for shooting at night and how these settings relate and are used. Once this has been learned we will start to put that theory into practice and get the camera pointing up at the stars. 

Together we will have plenty of time to practice shooting the stars. As they, practice makes perfect, and with astrophotography the best way to learn is to be behind the camera. There will be opportunities to learn and practice composition and exposure techniques to enhance night photos.

Astro workshop

$120 per person

Workshop length: 2 hours
Max participants: 4

What you’ll need

To shoot astro the most important thing with your camera is to have a wide angle lens. This can be anything from 12mm to 24mm. Other than this a sturdy tripod is essential, without this shooting night skies is all but impossible. If you have a remote shutter they can be handy but it is not required. Bringing a torch is worthwhile for any walking we might need to do. Along with your camera equipment make sure you have some warm gear.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn to shoot in manual modes and how this relates to shoot in low light. Throughout the workshop you’ll have opportunities to get your own photos of the night sky and learn the skills to be able to go out on your own for your own night photography adventures.

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