Photography motivates and inspires me to explore the world.

Photography is something that’s drawn my interest for a long time, however it took moving to Australia from England to force me get a camera. With the guise of using it whilst travelling around and seeing what Australia had to offer I dove into the deep world of SLRs. Ironically I didn’t get get to do much travelling but it didn’t stop the want to get more photos. 

I began teaching myself and learning from the almost endless supply of online tutorials, guides and videos. After a fairly short period of time it became quite clear that I was loving learning new things about my camera and the world of photography whilst starting to improve what I was doing. 

It took a few years after knowing the ins and outs of the gear to really get an idea for the type of photography I wanted to chase. Landscape. The mix of being out in the wild and getting to experience unbelievable locations whilst capturing photographs to come. I began working in a way that I was capturing photos that I was not only happy with, but would want to keep and display myself and when that occurred I realised I was at a point I was happy to move forward with my work. 

We’re now at that point. I’m constantly chasing new locations that I’d not only want to photograph but go out and experience.