Photography is our passion.

It allows us to get out in nature and see the best the world has to offer and capture it for ever. Whether we are out in the dead of night getting astrophotography of the Milky Way, or up at the crack of dawn to hike a mountain for a sunrise, we love it all.


Private Photography Workshop

Great Ocean Road Photography Workshop

Grampians Photography Workshop

Processing Photography Workshop

Light and Dark Photography Workshop

Sunset Photography Workshop

About Us

After picking up a camera in 2014 when moving to Australia it soon became apparent that it was more than just a hobby.

Self taught through the years I realised that landscape photography was what drove me to take photos. The thrill of being in nature, discovering sometime unknown locations and capturing it in a way that can last forever.

This grew into a passion to teach via photography workshops so that others can experience the same landscapes that are all around us whilst learning to use a camera.

We love to do photography

Join us on our journey and let our photos tell the story


6 tips to improve your composition