Photography is our passion.

It allows us to get out in nature and see the best the world has to offer and capture it for ever. Whether we are out in the dead of night getting astrophotography of the Milky Way, working with families getting portrait photography or getting to work with animals to capture pet photography, we love it all.

About Us

After picking up a camera in 2014 when moving to Australia it soon became apparent that it was more than just a hobby.

Self taught through the years I realised that landscape photography was what drove me to take photos. The thrill of being in nature, discovering sometime unknown locations and capturing it in a way that can last forever.


Learn the basics of photography whilst shooting the sunset with an on location workshop.


Experience the night sky and learn how to photograph it.

Light to dark

Combine a sunset and astro workshop and learn to shoot in light and dark.


Learn to process your images and finalise them for digital and print use.

Our Services

Animal photography is our speciality, we know how to get the perfect photo of your animal friend. We can help with your dog, cat or any other little buddy you may have.


Classic portrait photography is a staple of the professional photographer. Most importantly we can offer this with our own style of photography.


There are many places photography can be used – on your website, on printed media, or for product photography to name a few. However we are aware every business is different for good reason and as such we can tailor our photography to match your need.


Capturing footage from high above is a relatively new and exciting way to get content. Drones lend themselves to help make corporate work stand out from a crowd.


Videos can be used in a multitude of ways, from advertisement, social media to giving your website an edge.  We can help get videos in a large range of scenarios and in conjunction with our drone offerings.


When you are active on social media having quality content is all but essential.  Whether this relates to product photography, portraits or videos we can help create your content.

We love to do photography

Join us on our journey and let our photos tell the story